EBI: The Pioneers of Liftboats Liftboat Jacking Systems Offshore Pedestal-Mounted Cranes

The Pioneers of Liftboats

EBI’s fleet of more than 25 liftboats continue to deliver the
best in offshore supply services to clients in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Liftboat Jacking Systems

EBI's liftboat jacking system is one of a kind utilizing their legendary 12-tooth pinion design. EBI's GB82 liftboat jacking gearboxes are used in more than five ABS, 320' class liftboats throughout the globe.

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Offshore Pedestal-Mounted Cranes

EBI designs, engineers, and manufactures API certified
fixed, telescopic, and lattice boom
offshore pedestal-mounted cranes for
use on a variety of offshore applications.

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Lift With Confidence.

More than 75% of EBI's offshore pedestal-mounted cranes have parts and components designed, engineered and fabricated at their facility in Braithwaite, Louisiana.

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Liftboat Products


EBI's largest and fastest liftboat jacking systems, the GB360 and GB450, allow for more torque and superior handling. The GB360 and GB450 are ABS classified and designed to outfit larger more modern liftboats in severe storm conditions. More

12 tooth pinion

EBI's legendary 12-tooth pinion design yields more tooth contact, faster jacking capabilities, and long lasting performance. Their 12-tooth pinion design has lasted more than 30 years on some of EBI's liftboats. More

EBI's rack and pinion

EBI's telescopic marine cranes are unique in that their outer gearbox rack-and-pinion design allows for easier service & maintenance. More



EBI uses the latest in machining and fabrication technology. More


EBI Cranes Services LLC provides world class marine crane inspection and repair. More


Ken Serigne

EBI provides quality products and services that have served the needs of both EBI and its customers for over 60 years. We are pleased to share our vast expertise in the global market and are very excited about the future. More

Nicole LeBouef

Nicole LeBouef

Human Resources

All of EBI’s employees dedicate their knowledge, experience, and insight to their jobs. More