A complete offshore marine crane service division.

EBI's marine crane facility in Braithwaite, Louisiana has more than 200,000 square feet of covered workable area capable of providing complete marine crane services, repair, maintenance and modifications.

EBI Crane Services LLC

EBI's offshore marine crane services division, is a 24/7 service company offering full offshore marine crane services such as, marine crane inspections, testing, refurbishments, anti-2 block installations, consultations, maintenance and more. These marine crane services apply to not only EBI's marine cranes but also to other offshore pedestal cranes manufactured by other marine crane companies.

All of EBI's marine crane service technicians are trained, qualified, and experienced offering years of technical knowledge and unmatched service in the offshore marine cranes industry.

All EBI marine crane services conform to API RP2D recommended practices and EBI marine crane manufacturer specifications. EBI's offshore marine crane service division, EBI Crane Services LLC, also offers an extensive marine crane parts exchange program as well as refurbishment programs.

Call today to speak with an EBI marine crane service specialist at (504) 682-5245.