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Our History

In 1955, Lynn Dean and his brother Orin, married the concept of a jack up rig with an offshore supply vessel. They lowered the legs to the bottom of the seafloor and elevated the boat above the water to the level of the offshore platform. This self-elevating, self-propelled vessel provided a stable platform for workers to address the needs of an offshore platform used for the oil & gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. There were hundreds of the platforms to service in the GOM – no short supply of work for the two brothers. The Dean brothers formed a company simply called Elevating Boats, Inc. to design, build, and operate their new vessel concept – the liftboat.

In 1963 EBI expanded their company to offer marine cranes for liftboats, deck barges, and other marine like operations. EBI’s marine cranes are unique and special in that all of their designs, fabrication, and machining for their marine cranes are done in house. Their marine crane department sells marine crane parts designed and made by EBI. EBI also specializes in marine crane services such as boom repair, hydraulic installations, base installations, and more.

In 2009 EBI expanded by launching their machining & fabrication facility in Ponchatoula, LA. This facility is now the headquarters for EBI Machining LLC where components for their large liftboat jacking systems are machined and fabricated.

“We can fix anything except a broken heart and the break of day.” Universal Repair Service – 1949.