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As an industry leader, EBI Cranes is committed to meeting the needs for our clients by providing technologically advanced, reliable lifting solutions including a variety of specialty crane options.

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EBI has developed special options that may be added to each of the types of crane manufactured providing specific abilities to better handle special job requirements.

The Hose handling options include Dual Hoist, Tugger Winch, Custom Tower Design, Ex Rated Power / Controls, Wireless Remote Control, and Hydraulic Remote Control.

The Split Boom option creates a multi-sectional fixed boom configured with simple pinned connections allowing for smaller, lighter weight boom sections. The option may allow for containerized shipping, shorter length highway transports, and modular offshore assembly of the crane.

The Hammer Head boom tip is an option that allows for effortless Hose Handling operations with the ability to manipulate the angle and precisely control the position of a hose, even though it may be positioned perpendicular to the boom.

The Wireless Remote Control feature is an excellent choice for Hose Handling and Hazardous Locations with the ability to control the entire crane from a chest pack at a safe distance. Options include HPU Start/Stop, Lighting, Horn, and Audio/Visual Alarms.

The AHC option provides added safety for offshore lifting operations by compensating for relative motion between a crane mounted on a floating vessel and the sea bottom, thus providing a dependable subsea lifting solution. EBI’s TC160XH was the first AHC telescopic pedestal crane ever manufactured in the USA.


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