Offering the best quality and craftsmanship. All of EBI’s certified welders come from years of experience. Trust EBI with your welding and fabrication needs today.

EBI Machining LLC


EBI offers a wide range of welding and fabrication services tailored around our customer’s requirements and needs. Our past experience in welding and fabrication for the petroleum & gas industry has enabled us to provide the best in quality and service.

All of EBI’s welders and fabricators are experienced and capable of providing you the best in welding services & fabrication for your ship repair, pedestal crane repair, offshore supply vessel repair, or other like offshore marine repair.


Since the 1950s, EBI has been satisfying customers and continues to deliver the best quality in welding and fabrication services. Their experience and legacy in designing, manufacturing, assembling, and servicing pedestal cranes has yielded much influence with their welders and fabricators today. EBI’s welders and fabricators specialize in understanding what it takes to ensure that your welding services and fabricating needs are met in the offshore industry.

Trust EBI today with your welding and fabrication needs.


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