Jacking Systems

EBI’s liftboat jacking system is one of a kind utilizing their legendary 12-tooth pinion design. EBI’s GB82 liftboat jacking gearboxes are used in dozens of applications with more than 600 units in service throughout the globe. EBI’s GB82 gearboxes are also in service on seven 320′ ABS Class liftboats as well as several vessels in the EBI fleet.

EBI Mechanical Systems LLC

EBI can provide a jacking system to elevate structures in a multitude of various configurations. EBI Jacking Systems consist of linear structure with gear rack attached and planetary gear reductions driving pinion gears that travel along the gear rack (rack and pinion). Jacking Systems utilize all electric or electric over hydraulic power and can be fitted with diesel engine or electric motor prime movers. EBI can provide all elements of the system including jacking control, alarms, safety interlocks, planetary drivers, hydraulic and electrical components, and structure.

330ft. Class Liftboat

Laser Guidance Elevating Control Tower

B&G Crane Spreader Bar with Counter Weight Positioning

EBI Liftboat Fleet of 26 Vessels in the USGOM



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