EBI has operated their fleet of liftboats in the Gulf of Mexico since the 1950s. EBI’s liftboats can work in water depths ranging from 4 feet to 160 feet. Choose EBI’s liftboats to service & supply your offshore operations.

EBI Liftboats LLC

EBI is a liftboat company who has been operating their fleet of liftboats in the Gulf of Mexico since the 1950s. EBI’s first liftboat, the Jehu, was the first ever liftboat launched in the history of liftboats. The Jehu was a smaller liftboat with leg length of 30 feet, used for small construction projects and seismographic work in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, EBI is the only liftboat provider in the world who designs, manufactures and services all of their liftboat components such as their offshore marine cranes, liftboat legs, liftboat jacking systems, and more.

What is a liftboat? A liftboat is a self-elevating, self-propelled, offshore supply vessel. Liftboats have been used in the Gulf of Mexico to service and supply offshore platforms as well as performing other offshore operations for the Oil & Gas industry. Liftboats play an important role in the Oil & Gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico as well as emerging markets all over the world.

EBI has been designing and building offshore marine cranes for use on their liftboats since the 1960s. All of their liftboats use EBI marine cranes. EBI’s marine cranes division inspects, services and maintains all of the marine cranes in the liftboat fleet.

The pads on EBI’s liftboats are larger and wider allowing for a bigger footprint on the sea-floor minimizing pre-load requirements and reducing penetration, thus resulting in time savings getting on, and off locations.

All of EBI’s liftboats use a unique and proprietary 12-tooth pinion jacking systemdesigned and assembled by EBI. The 12-tooth liftboat jacking system allows a liftboat to handle heavier loads, to have a higher rack and pinion contact ratio, and have a faster jacking speed of up to 12 to 16 feet per minute. With a faster jacking speed, a liftboat can set the pads quickly avoiding violent seafloor contact in wave action.

EBI’s liftboats are unique in that strategic hull design protects a client’s equipment that is on the deck of the liftboat. With the cabin on the bow of the liftboat, marine equipment and machinery is protected from sea water that hits up against the bow of the liftboat while travelling in rough seas.

EBI offers a wide range of liftboats in their fleet. Classified with the US Coast Guard as offshore supply vessels (OSV), EBI’s liftboats have been used for multiple shallow water operations such as wireline, plug and abandonment, core sampling, diving, offshore coil tubing, offshore platform construction & service, and much more. With more than 25 liftboats in their fleet, EBI continues to deliver outstanding quality service to their clients.



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