May 30, 2019

EBI Liftboats LLC, Houma-based offshore liftboat provider and shipbuilder, launched a new liftboat, the Walter Cure Elevator, last week at its shipyard in Houma.

The 80 ft. long, three-legged boat was named after the company’s longest employed, Mr. Walter Cure IV who has been with EBI since 1975.

The Walter Cure Elevator is a 150’ class liftboat with a hull measuring 45′ by 79′-6″.  It has pair of pedestal mounted EBI Cranes (C100 and TC60), and can comfortably accommodate 32 persons. Sister ship to the Gary Chaisson Elevator and Jimmie Holmes Elevator, The Walter Cure Elevator is powered by two Cat C-12 Marine Diesel Engines and Cummins Generators that supply reliable performance for both propulsion and hydraulic jacking and crane operation.  An added feature on this vessel is the addition of a telescopic boom on one of the cranes that can extend to 100 ft. reach.

EBI would like to thank all employees who assisted and worked together for 10 hours to safely move this massive vessel from land to water.  Job well done!  Check out this 30 second time lapse video of the launch!