EBI Liftboats Crew Rescue Men from Capsized Fishing Boat.

Aransas Pass, Texas – Three fishermen were rescued from the water of Aransas Pass near Martin Energy Dock when their fishing boat capsized around 8:30pm Thursday night. Crew aboard EBI’s Gary Dean Elevator were first on the scene, made contact with the United States Coast Guard via phone, and rescued the three men from the frigid water and wind.

The three men were out floundering on a 14’ aluminum hull when they found themselves in the channel, unable to fight the current, their boat capsized. Their calls for help were answered by EBI crewmembers: Clyde Barber, Brian Jenkins, and Jack Fulgham. The EBI crew worked together quickly to perform the water rescue using an EBI Crane and rescue boat aboard the liftboat. “When I saw the older gentleman go into the water, that’s when I decided to launch the lifeboat,” Barber said. He estimates the men were in their 30’s, 50’s and 70’s. While Brian lowered the lifeboat into the water, Clyde and Jack boarded the lifeboat to rescue the three fishermen. Once the men were pulled to safety, they were able to use the facilities onboard the Gary Dean Elevator. The men took hot showers and were given dry clothes as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

The fishermen were extremely thankful for the rescue efforts. After asking repeatedly how to repay the EBI crew, Clyde responded with, “God put us in the right place at the right time; you do not owe us anything.”

EBI would like to thank Clyde, Brian and Jack for their outstanding efforts; their ability to think straight and perform under pressure lead to a positive outcome.


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